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The Simple Batch® automation system is our solution for the control of recipe based processes. It features a unique approach where the recipe execution is entirely controlled by a PLC. There is no need for controlling software running on any external server.

By creating control modules (like building blocks), and giving the users the capability to combine them as needed for each product requirements, the manufacturing process is more flexible: Automation engineers can design control software based on the equipment, not based on requirements of the product, and the personnel who manage the recipe can easily create or make changes to it directly.

Server-Free process control

In The Simple Batch®, the recipe execution is entirely controlled by a PLC. There is no need for controlling software running on any external server.sque metus ac quam. Donec magna nulla,


Security for your process

The Simple Batch® is built upon industrial-grade security technology with group-based security policy for precise access control and auditing.

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ISA S88 Compliant

The Simple Batch® is built onto the ISA S88 standard terminology and models to simplify and improve the design, operation and performance of batch plants. The standard separates the recipes from the process control and production equipment, enabling the same equipment to be used for different stages of the process or to make different products, allowing staff to change and create recipes quickly and easily without software changes.

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Rapid Solution Development

Developing a solution for recipe based process control using The Simple Batch® is easier and faster than with any other batch software available in the market. In addition to the advantages of the modularity provided by its S88 structure, the simplicity of the PLC code with its object based elements, and the incredibly short learning time for its unmatched graphical interface for recipe designing and edition make The Simple Batch® a powerful tool for creating better batch process control systems.

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SQL-based Data Collection

The Simple Batch® can collect and store data using the most popular SQL based databases. You can use its built-in report system to produce understandable presentations of the data gathered and creating custom reports easily or process the data using your existing ERP system.

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Modular design

In The Simple Batch®, its modular structure enables you to develop a library of software modules that can be reused – significantly reducing testing. The batch functionality can easily be scaled from pilot prototype to production reducing time to market for new products.

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Easy to learn and use

One of the most important things we had in mind when created The Simple Batch® was giving the industry tools to run their processes the way they were intended. Too often the words automation and optimization bring unwanted changes in the form of more complicated operations or extensive background knowledge requirements from the system operators making the resulting benefits of an automation project less appealing than expected.

With The Simple Batch®, the system operators, supervisors, recipe editors, and every person involved with the operation of a process can become familiar with the system in less than one hour. The computer skills required to use the system are lower than for using a spreadsheet program.

This is how batch software is supposed to be.

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